Contract Health Care Professionals (HCPs) shall perform essentially the same services as those required by any Army or Government service HCP of similar experience and in similar duty assignments. Therefore, while specific tasks are outlined as listed below, responsibilities include but are not necessarily inclusive of tasks in which the HCP shall provide.

All services shall be performed in accordance with established principles, practices, and ethics of the medical, and specialty professions/organizations. The standards of performance for all HCP provided by the contractor shall reflect the degree of care, skill, and learning expected of a reasonably prudent Dental Professional.

Required Qualification:

  • Dental Assistants shall be a graduate from a formal dental assistant training program and have a minimum of six (6) months of clinical dental assisting experience within the last three years. Dental assistants must have completed training or have dental assisting experience within the past three (3) years.
  • Dental Assistants must possess a Certificate of Training in Radiology that validates they have completed courses on the following topics: radiation physics, radiation biology, radiation health, safety and protection, X-ray films and radiographic film quality and radiographic techniques that meets or exceeds 42 C.F.R. The Certificate of Training may be obtained subsequent to a didactic/classroom education or a didactic electronic course such as available from the American Dental Association, the American Dental Assistant Association or other approves source.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) from the American Heart Association and reads “BLS Provider” in the subjects listed.

Required Skills

  • Must be able to commutate and effectively explain dental procedures.
  • Must be able to work with all ages.
  • Must have great Customer Services Skill

Job Responsibilities. The duties include but are not limited to the following:

Dentist Assistant shall perform a full range of duties consistent with their labor category, education, training, experience, clinical privileges (as applicable), and assigned position.

  • Provides chair side dental assisting, Radiology or sterilization.  Occasionally this position will be needed for patient scheduling but may work routinely as a medical clerk or receptionist.

Individuals will be assigned to a primary DENTAC clinic.  However, you may be required to perform services at other DENTAC clinics.

Specific tasks of position:

  • Examine patient’s oral cavity to include mouth, throat, and pharynx, and record conditions of teeth and surrounding tissues. Refer patients to dentist who have abnormalities to include cavities, defective filings, suspicious growths, or periodontal disease.
  • Apply desensitizing and other topical agents to treat abnormalities to include gingivitis and oral ulceration
  • Instruct patients, individually and in groups, in proper oral hygiene care using materials to include teeth models, displays, slides, toothbrushes, dental floss, disclosing tablets and mirrors. Demonstrate proper techniques of brushing, flossing, and use of necessary periodontal aids.  Explain the common causes of tooth decay and its relationship to general diet.
  • Take impressions and construct sports/safety mouth guards and soft night guards for vital bleaching
  • Polish restorations and apply pit and fissure sealants
  • Chairside dental assisting when directed by the Officer-In-Charge of the dental clinic
  • Record patients treated. Check and maintain instruments to ensure working conditions.  Clean, sharpen, and sterilize instruments.
  • Patient workload, readiness, and scheduling. Utilizes the corporate dental application to enter patient-specific workload and readiness status and also for patient scheduling