PositionDental Assistant
Location:Portsmouth, VA

Contract Health Care Workers (HCWs) shall perform essentially the same services as those required by any Naval or Government service HCW of similar experience and in similar duty assignments. Therefore, while specific tasks are outlined as listed below, responsibilities include but are not necessarily inclusive of tasks in which the HCW shall provide.

All services shall be performed in accordance with established principles, practices, and ethics of the medical, and specialty professions/organizations. The standards of performance for all HCW provided by contractor shall reflect the degree of care, skill, and learning expected of a reasonably prudent Dental Assistant.

Required Qualification:

Dental Assistants shall:

  • Read, write, speak, and understand the English language fluently and maintain good communication skills with patients and other health care personnel.
  • Possess at least one of the following:
  • Certificate or Associate Degree as a dental assistant/technician from a state accredited program and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months.
  • Certification from a military dental technician or dental assistant “A” school and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months.
  • Certification from a Red Cross Dental Assistant course and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months.
  • Certification from a Military Red Cross Dental Assistant course within the preceding 6 months.
  • 36 months experience within the preceding 60 months as a dental assistant in a private practice or a military clinic.
  • Membership in good standing with the American Association of Dental Assistants with required continuing education and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months.
  • Graduation from a state accredited program for dental assistants or dental technology within the preceding 12 months.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation, from either practicing dentists or faculty members where the HCW received his/her dental assistant training. The letters must attest to the HCW’s clinical skills, patient rapport, etc. Recommendation letters must include name, title, phone number, date of reference, address and signature of the individual providing the letter. Letters must have been written within the preceding three years.
  • Possess certification or permit for use of dental X-ray equipment. Completion of a military dental technician or dental assistant “A” school will fulfill this requirement.  Similarly, Dental Assistant program transcripts documenting dental X-ray training will also suffice.


Job Responsibilities:

Be responsible for a full range of dental assisting procedures in support of Dental Officer examinations and delivery of treatment under the “four handed dentistry” format within the personnel and equipment capabilities and limitations of the Dental Treatment Facility. The HCW shall aid in the provision of mandated dental surveillance and preventive services and assist in ensuring the quality and timeliness of treatment records and reports required to document procedures performed and care provided. The HCW shall also refer patients who present with a complaint to staff dentists for evaluation and continuation of care and attend multidisciplinary treatment team meetings on behalf of the dental officers. The HCW shall:

  • Perform a full range of dental assistant duties, within the scope of this statement of work, on site using government furnished supplies, facilities and equipment within the assigned unit of the Dental Treatment Facility. Workload occurs as a result of scheduled and unscheduled requirements for care. The HCW’s actual clinical performance will be a function of the overall demand for dental assisting services.
  • Provide oral prophylaxis, preventive dentistry procedures and non-surgical periodontal therapy to active duty military personnel and eligible beneficiaries.
  • Maintain patient records in accordance with Joint Commission and DTF/MTF requirements.
  • Select and arrange instruments and prepare set-ups for patient treatment.
  • Assist during patient examination and treatment.
  • Assist during administration of anesthesia.
  • Assist in placement and removal of sutures.
  • Prepare restorative and impression materials.
  • Dispose of contaminated waste in accordance with the standard procedures of the DTF/MTF.
  • Place digital film sensors, expose digital radiographs and execute computer processing of the digital x-ray image.
  • Expose bitewing, periapical, panoramic, and occlusal film utilizing bisecting angle or paralleling radiographic techniques.
  • Instruct on basic oral hygiene care.
  • Maintain operatory to meet the clinic’s cleanliness and infection control standards.
  • The HCW may be assigned other duties consistent with the normal duties of a dental assistant as directed by the Commanding Officer to include, but not limited to, working at the appointments desk, performing Central Sterile Supply functions, and participating in command quality improvement and assurance meetings, etc.
  • As a member of a professionally diverse team, the HCW shall contribute in a positive manner to team building and morale.
  • Under the supervision of a dentist, all dental assistants may be allowed to participate in Expanded Functions training program and certification in accordance with BUMEDINST 6600.13 and local directives at the Commanding Officer’s discretion.
  • As directed, the HCW shall provide services in all departments commensurate with their skills and training.


The Dental Assistant shall:

  • Provide for the examination, treatment, and disposition of patients compatible with the Dental Treatment Facility’s operating capacity and equipment;
  • Become familiar with and follow standardized (Navy) concepts of Phased Dentistry and Managed Care.

Staffing and Scheduling:

HCW s will be scheduled for 8,10, or 12-hour shifts.  The HCWs providing services under this contract shall arrive for each scheduled shift in a well-rested condition and shall have had at least 6 hours of rest from all other duties immediately prior to reporting for the shift. HCWs providing services shall (unless otherwise specified in the task order) receive uncompensated meal breaks of 30 minutes when assigned an 8 hour or 10 hour shift and up to 60  minutes when assigned a 12 hour shift.  The HCW’s shift will be extended between 30 and 60 minutes, respectively, to constitute a full 8, 10 or 12 hours of on-site service.  This includes extending the work shift beyond the scheduled clinic closing time to complete patient care and administrative duties.  No shift shall exceed 13 hours unless otherwise specified in the task order. HCWs may receive one compensated work break in the morning and one in the afternoon, work load permitting, at the discretion of the government.  Neither break shall exceed 15 minutes or be taken with the intention of extending the lunch break, or in conjunction with the start or end of a shift.

Physical Requirements:

HCWs shall be physically capable of standing and/or sitting for extended periods of time and physically capable of performing all services required under the task order.